Tools and Equipment

Anova Precision Cooker.

Anova  #anova

In 2015 this was one of the best devices I could find. Unlike bulky and expensive sous vide baths this one is compact and doesn’t take permanent part of my kitchen counter.

Since then few other rivals appeared on the market. Joule and Sansaire probably the most notable ones. I haven’t tried them yet but if I would be buying one again – it is very likely that I’ll be evaluating these as my first choices.



Vacuum sealing machine


I use FoodSaver.

There are plenty of other choices.

FoodSaver does an OK job for me. I will likely consider exploring something less bulky when it breaks.

Cast iron skillet


I use Lodge. It does the work. I season my pans about once a year and make sure to take care of them during daily use.

There are very fancy and sexy skillets available on the market that cost a lot more than Lodge. If you want fancy – check these out.

Blow torch.


I had one already in my garage from Home Depot. So I just use it for my cooking as well home improvements needs.  

If you want to go fancy search for Professional Kitchen Blowtorch on Amazon and read the reviews.

This particular Searzall Torch attachment is interesting but the cost is not low enough for me to want it enough. I’d rather buy another sex toy or a good knife. But it looks sexy and in case of searing fish may come especially handy as butane can easily penetrate fish and give it a nasty flavor. Some say that chances of this happening with this device are lower. Read the reviews.

Brining syringe and needles

#syringe. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to kitchen syringes.

I have a metal made kit with two needles. Nothing made of plastic lasts long in my kitchen. The one I have is similar to this one 

Oven Thermometer.


I use ChefAlarm from ThermoWorks. 


Pressure Cooker


I have two kinds – an electric one used to cook meat or veggies unattended. It does the job well, I can’t complain.

However, it doesn’t do 15 psi, the max is 12 and all the recipes I like require 15, so I got a stove top one.

Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker, 7 qt

 This one you need to watch. It has a safety valve but I don’t trust it can safe forever.



Vitamix and NutriBullet are my top choices. I tried Ninja but it breaks easily and didn’t last long in my environment.

Vitamix is not perfect from cleaning perspective and if there is anything to blend in small batches – NutriBullet has small containers to attach and the food going into waste is much more contained.

But Vitamix is way more powerful and creates much more smoother blends. I managed to overheat it few times. It emits quite nasty odor when it overheats.
If you like smooth, velvety soups – there is nothing but Vitamix to get them to a very sexy consistency.