Welcome to The Adult Kitchen

This site is dedicated to men who try to master the arts of cooking, fucking and staying in shape.

Everything is real here. I don’t use professional set up to make my photos, my food arrangements often appear as if done by a blind chef with Parkinson’s, I make spelling mistakes and my grammar is not perfect. I don’t pretend, I don’t want to be liked, I don’t need anyone’s money. This site is for me to keep my recipes in one place and to have fun.

Most of the food recipes are adopted from other sources. I am curious, I try new things all the time and I adjust them based on my liking.  Be it a breakfast in bed or a dinner – I want it cooked in a reasonable timeframe without negating on quality, superb taste and fun involved. I am lucky to have a gorgeous wife and strongly prefer to spend less time cooking and more fucking.  The same goes for the workouts. I prefer targeted, intense, sweat inducing sessions that take the living shit out of me under an hour. I haven’t decided what will be posted here on the topic of sex. I don’t let my porn to define me but at the same time – certain things are cool to preserve. More on this to come, no pun intended.

Have fun reading and enjoy your sex life as much as you enjoy cooking. And don’t forget to exercise. Cooking and fucking require strength and stamina – be on top of it, and her!

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November 9, 2015

Plum Pie with Rum. Recipe.

A very quick and easy recipe of  my favorite plum pie. Read more about it here if you don't value your time. Serve it hot  as part of "breakfast in bed" routine or cold as late dinner dessert. She will blame you for feeding her extra calories but will eat it all. Use it as an opportunity to burn all that sugar via vigorous copulations. Win win for everyone. Few ...
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September 30, 2016

Shakshuka. Recipe.

Read my view on this awesome and extremely easy to make dish here. Experiment and let me know additional tips that made this dish better for you. Peace and love!