Till The Last Drop Is Squeezed.

Infusions With Tasty Conclusions.

There are many ways to make Hollandaise sauce. I will cover here two of my favorite ones:

Sous Vide version –  it is a bit longer and more involved to make. I adapted it from the Modernist Cuisine guys.

15 Minute version – quick to make and if you ask my opinion tastes on the level with the sous vide version. I observed many chefs using it with various alterations.

Both versions require some creative kitchen toys to be used and who doesn’t like to play with toys?

What takes both recipes on a new level is an iSi siphon.

For one, it makes any dinner much more entertaining and the extra steps required to set it up are easy, quick and worth the effort. The girls absolutely love to play with it.  Seeing them squeeze and mesmerizingly watch stuff oozing out of the nozzle is a pretty interesting experience.

But the real value, aside from the entertainment one, is the incredible metamorphose that the sauce undergoes after iSi infusions.  It transforms into a foamy, lighter in color and super gentle on a tongue velvety substance.

There are many uses for iSi siphon that a creative mind can implement outside of this recipe. I will share some ideas.

Until then – enjoy life  and fuck daily.

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