Pressure Cooked Octopus. Recipe.

As I mentioned in my prelude to this recipe, pressure cookers make complex recipes simpler and deliver outstanding results. Just try not to blow it up. Follow the manufacturers instructions to the dot and things should be fine. 


Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Yields: 8 portions

Tools and Devices


  • Octopus (3 - 6 lbs)
  • Salt - 2 tbs
  • Water


  • Soak defrosted octopus in cold water for a 10 mins or so.
  • Wash thoroughly. Pay attention to all the crevices and folds - there may be sand hidden inside its head and between suction cups. I remove the beak from the center of his head for that reason only – who knows where its been during their mating season.
  • Pop the beak out with a finger. You will feel it by inserting a finger in the opening in the center between its tentacles. Apply pressure to push and pop it out. Should be a familiar move to many of us.
  • My preference is to keep the head intact – it looks cool cooked and I like its taste too. But I also enjoy pigs eyes when we roast the entire pig and my loved ones consider it super gross. Many chefs cut it off.
  • Place cleaned octopus into the pressure washer.
  • Pour cold water until it covers the body.
  • Add 2 table spoons of salt. Some folks add fresh beets to give the ready meat funky purple color.  Some add spices. Salt and water work for me.
  • Close the pressure cooker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow them to the dot to avoid  a nasty incident and injuries.
  • Put the pressure cooker on fire and wait till the pressure reaches its peak. On stove top pressure cookers – 15 psi. In electric ones – 12 (I don’t think they go higher). On mine 15psi point is indicated by the first red mark on the pressure valve located on the top of the cover. Once the first red marker becomes visible– I lower the fire enough to keep that mark visible for next 15 minutes.  If it goes down – I need to increase the fire a bit. If the second mark shows up – I need to lower the fire ASAP. Quite straightforward to operate and once you master it requires very few flame adjustments.
  • All modern electric pressure cookers are great because they control everything by themselves but since they only do 12 psi – you may want to cook 1 - 2 mins longer.
  • Once 15 minutes passed, open the pressure cooker carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid scalding. In my case, the instruction is to leave a closed pressure cooker under cold water stream hitting it on a side of a cover until the valve completely recedes.
  • Drain and serve based on your preference. I like to eat the octopus with a crab salad, grilled asparagus, arugula salad, cooked or fried string beans. Lemon on a side.


Eat well. Be grateful. Fuck Daily.

Peace and Love! The Adult Kitchen.


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