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My Favorite 3 Steak Cuts or When Well Done Is Not An Option.

Steaks are fun. Like women they give you back what you invest in them. Invest love and care and maybe you’ll get to something very tasty, flavorful, sinfully raw and unbelievably juicy in return. Handle them recklessly and you’ll be chewing on a piece of dry, rubbery substance – guaranteed Another fact to ponder upon - steaks, unlike your sex partner, will not give you a second chance to get it right. And finally, very similar to watching porn - remember - the instructional videos have ...

Marinated Skirt Steak. Recipe.

I talk a lot about wonders of sous vide cooking. Because I love it. This particular cut, however, is best grilled. I don't know why.

Sous Vide Hanger Steak. Recipe.

I jotted down some thoughts on why certain types of steaks are great when cooked sous vide. Here is the link to this incredibly educating brain dump. It makes a huge difference to the taste, juiciness, flavor, tenderness and visual presentation of a steak. And it is easier to cook sous vide than to pronounce its fancy name.

Rib Eye Steak. Sous Vide. Recipe.

I put some thoughts together on what makes sous vide cooking exceptional specifically when it comes to steaks. This steak goes well with oven fried sweet potatoes, asparagus under Sous Vide Hollandaise foam out of  iSi siphon. To make the dinner complete -  begin with Pressure Cooked Carrot or Squash or Leek/Onion soup.  Enjoy. Eat Well. Be Grateful and fuck daily.

A Treat All Fine Ladies and Expensive Hookers Can’t Equally Resist.

There is enough already written about foie gras on various cooking websites. I should not add anything but I like to type. I discovered foie gras by a word of mouth from two sources - a foodie who made a statement that she'd trade an orgasm in favor of eating this dish.  She wasn't getting much cock at the time and was very much in need of a solid fuck. It was a big statement given her circumstances. Also, a guy I know who frequents hookers during his global travels mentioned ...

Ratatouille Recipe

There is nothing hard about Ratatouille. This dish was originally cooked by peasants. The proletarians like their food simple, hearty and tasty. Just trust me as I am one of their kind. As a result, I don't think that there is an ultimate recipe for it. I'll just share what worked for me. In ratatouille the devil is in the sauce and everyone needs to find their own balance in terms of the amount of it needed in the dish as well as the accent of sauce's taste notes. Veggies by ...