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Shakshuka. Recipe.

Read my view on this awesome and extremely easy to make dish here. Experiment and let me know additional tips that made this dish better for you. Peace and love!  

2 Ingredients Chocolate Mousse. Recipe.

Read about this recipe here. Otherwise - just try it out and thank Heston Blumenthal for being an evil genius who helped you get laid.

Sous Vide Short Ribs dinner with few other things because I had time.

This Friday evening, I planned to serve sous vide beef short ribs that were loaded to cook for 3 days (72 hours to be exact) at 144 F on Tuesday night.  You can find the recipe here. It’s an awesome, super tender and tasty dish but the meat comes out of the vacuum bags looking like a pale Russian babe on a hot Floridian beach. A bit of searing solves this issue and makes the ribs look hot, juicy, colorful and wanted. It is also OK to briefly but thoroughly bathe them in some type ...

Flourless Banana Pancakes. Recipe.

Read my thoughts on health benefits of this recipe and if you are a guy - hidden factors to consider if you want to substitute real bananas with yours. Otherwise - just get to it. These pancakes are a very nice morning starter, easy to digest, they can make her happy and in turn - you too.

Breakfast In Bed. Going Bananas.

  Do you ever wake up on Sunday at 6 AM because you are bored? I do. Often. Sleeping is boring. Nothing beats a quiet Sunday early morning when the sun is not yet up and stars are still visible. You come outside, pee on the grass, breathe in fresh air and feel the blessing of the Universe. I have a feeling I just found a lot of soulmates. But then the reality hit and I realized that the refrigerator is empty and yesterday I promised everyone breakfast. I thought we were ...