Sous Vide Short Ribs dinner with few other things because I had time.

This Friday evening, I planned to serve sous vide beef short ribs that were loaded to cook for 3 days (72 hours to be exact) at 144 F on Tuesday night.  You can find the recipe hereIt’s an awesome, super tender and tasty dish but the meat comes out of the vacuum bags looking like a pale Russian babe on a hot Floridian beach. A bit of searing solves this issue and makes the ribs look hot, juicy, colorful and wanted.


It is also OK to briefly but thoroughly bathe them in some type of wine sauce for better color but then they will lose that authentic, raw taste of meat and absorb the aroma of the sauce. I prefer the raw, seared version. It is all about preferencees. Some men like going down only on super clean, shaved pussy, some like it sweaty and natural. Some are vegetarians….

The reduced wine sauce I serve on a side was thickened with a touch of xanthan gum. I wanted more substance and thickness to the sauce this time but didn’t want to add either sugar or flour to it.


The hollandaise sauce over asparagus was infused with N20 in iSi siphon. This is something we like on our table often – iSi siphone makes the sauce light and gentle. Other than that – a usual recipe – 3-4 eggs yolks, one little clove of garlic, blend well using the immersion blender in a tall container, slowly adding hot butter while mixing. Himalayan salt to taste. It can be served as is without any further infusions. I like it with N2O kink.


Fried garlic is something I haven’t done for a while. We used to love it but it got forgotten. Also, very easy to make especially if you buy it freshly peeled. Heat up oil to about 360 F – put peeled garlic in and let it boil for 5 – 7 minutes until it starts getting light gold. Don’t overcook. Mix from time to time. And choose a pot with tall walls so that when you drop the garlic in – the evaporated water doesn’t force the overflow of hot mix of water and oil on the stove. It can burn the shit out of your skin and set your stove on fire.


The salad. I needed something to help with digestion because these ribs are very filling. So I chose marinated red onions with fresh tomatoes and cilantro. I cut the onions very thinly using a mandolin, add Himalayan salt, apple cider vinegar, a bit of brown sugar, lots of freshly grated black pepper, mix it well and place to marinate in a vacuum container. I love these containers. They do a great job forcing the infusion into the material at hand. I cut tomatoes the same way, very thinly, using mandolin, mix with marinated onions and cilantro and that’s the salad. I use marinade from the onions instead of oil on it.



The cake recipe was found on ChefSteps. Yes it is gluten free but it has lots of sugar and oil. Sort of like a vegan, good looking girl but with herpes. It is very unlikely to stick to my repertoire but was worth trying it out. Don’t get me wrong – the cake was very tasty and sexy looking. I just try to limit our sugar intake. There are other options of healthier sweets (if there is such a thing) which I tried before and likely will reproduce very soon.

Enjoy your life. Fuck daily and try to orgasm while at it. It is good for your body and mind.

Don’t neglect exercising. Boys – do more squats to pump blood through your vital organs (i.e. cock and balls), ladies – you are gorgeous as is – only do what you want to do. Because you are all free and independent and no one should be telling you what to do and where to go.

Peace and Love!

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