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Marinated Red Onion. Recipe.

These onions go well with meat as is or as an add-on to a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. A very good vodka chaser - this simple dish goes by very fast.  

25 Minutes Cranberry Sauce. Recipe

I only cook it for Thanksgiving dinners hence the proportions. Adjust based on your needs and keep the cooking time unchanged. Note to self: Perhaps do it more often and try it with some modifications for duck breasts and Magret de Canards.

Oven Dried Tomatoes. Recipe.

Read more about this recipe here. Otherwise, just do it.

Pickles salted in carbonated water. Recipe.

Read my blog farts on the topic. It is a pure waste of time I am told but I like writing few words on each recipe anyway. Otherwise just do it and enjoy watching her suck on your delicious product.