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Shakshuka. Recipe.

Read my view on this awesome and extremely easy to make dish here. Experiment and let me know additional tips that made this dish better for you. Peace and love!  

Flourless Banana Pancakes. Recipe.

Read my thoughts on health benefits of this recipe and if you are a guy - hidden factors to consider if you want to substitute real bananas with yours. Otherwise - just get to it. These pancakes are a very nice morning starter, easy to digest, they can make her happy and in turn - you too.

Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Recipe.

This awesome appetizer is great hot or cold and will be gone before you know it. Read my disjointed thoughts on this dish here. Otherwise, just make and enjoy it.  

Omelet. Quick Variation. Recipe.

A very simple recipe that is perfect for Breakfast In Bed. I am including a few variations for the fillers but use your own imagination. With the right attitude almost any vegetable can be used and if you don't have much around - meat mixed with some hot sauce, thinly cut sausages, egg whites - all can be leveraged. I normally do it in the following order: Prepare the omelet mix and set it aside to settle. Cook the fillers as some veggies may take time to cook and once they are done ...

Oven Dried Tomatoes. Recipe.

Read more about this recipe here. Otherwise, just do it.

Pickles salted in carbonated water. Recipe.

Read my blog farts on the topic. It is a pure waste of time I am told but I like writing few words on each recipe anyway. Otherwise just do it and enjoy watching her suck on your delicious product.

Squash Muffins. Recipe.

A great addition to any Breakfast In Bed collection. A tip: I control density of these muffins with milk. Below recipe makes them very soft and gentle on a bite. Decrease the amount of milk to get more firm muffins. My ramblings on the topic can be found here .They are likely worth none of your time, so don't waste time and start cooking.

Caramelized Leek and Onion Soup. Recipe

All the credits for the recipe go to Modernist Cuisine folks. As much as I think they are overcomplicating most of the recipes and waste tons of great food - this one is a keeper. Read more about this soup here if you want. Otherwise don't waste time and get to cooking.