Why The Fuck Do I Cook

I fell in love with cooking accidentally. The intention was to make up for some fuck up I’ve done. I decided to make her a breakfast in bed and started researching on proper way of cooking morning eggs. For the life of me wasn’t I expecting so many heated arguments on social media on this topic. Somehow I got hooked and the more I do it the less I know about things.

I also get it. There are tons of cooking sites. I read them often. Mine is mostly for me. I really give no shit who reads this blog. I write my recipes for own use. As a result – they are normally down to earth and as detailed as I feel they need to be to get the process right. I don’t cook them often, details get forgotten and I am all about details because if I got something right – I want to reproduce the consistent result over again. Hence the blog.

Besides, most of the sites are so polished in terms of language that it is possible to forget why men cook. Yes it is art, craft, career but at the end men cook to get laid or to make people they care about feel great, and then get laid feeling great. 

 I source my recipes from everywhere and adopt to my own liking. If I remember where I found them from, I’ll give that source a credit.

At the end, cooking allows me to apply the skills I got into practice and develop them further as often as I want. Time management, multitasking, planning, delegation, timely delivery, being well composed when things go avry (still bad at it).  The complexity of planning a meal and  its sequence of cooking to ensure everything comes together at the proper time ready to be served when needed, careful preparation of all of the ingredients, the intensity of execution and presentation, the satisfaction of getting the end results done to my liking, and just seeing her smile when the food is served – all of that is worth my time spent in the kitchen under one condition – I get laid. Otherwise it is just pretty much a waste of my time. 

What's cooking

Pressure Cooked Octopus. Recipe.

As I mentioned in my prelude to this recipe, pressure cookers make complex recipes simpler and deliver outstanding results. Just try not to blow it up. Follow the manufacturers instructions to the dot and things should be fine. 
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