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Potato Roses. Recipe.

The success of this recipe largely depends on the type of chosen potato. High starch, baking types are likely to fall apart and looks disintegrated. I prefer something like Yukon Gold type - long and medium starch to make these roses. I tried substituting butter with good quality olive oil and the folks liked the butter version better. Make some extra ones. This dish goes very quick and well.

Ratatouille Recipe

There is nothing hard about Ratatouille. This dish was originally cooked by peasants. The proletarians like their food simple, hearty and tasty. Just trust me as I am one of their kind. As a result, I don't think that there is an ultimate recipe for it. I'll just share what worked for me. In ratatouille the devil is in the sauce and everyone needs to find their own balance in terms of the amount of it needed in the dish as well as the accent of sauce's taste notes. Veggies by ...