Breakfast In Bed. Going Bananas.


Do you ever wake up on Sunday at 6 AM because you are bored? I do. Often. Sleeping is boring. Nothing beats a quiet Sunday early morning when the sun is not yet up and stars are still visible. You come outside, pee on the grass, breathe in fresh air and feel the blessing of the Universe.

I have a feeling I just found a lot of soulmates.

But then the reality hit and I realized that the refrigerator is empty and yesterday I promised everyone breakfast.

I thought we were out of food yesterday but upon more careful search here is what I found: 8 eggs, 6 overripe bananas, a box of more or less ok strawberries, 3 apples, 4 prunes, a chocolate bar and a can of cottage cheese that was discovered a bit later in the game. Enough to make an awesome, healthy breakfast if you ask me.

The following menu popped in my head.
• Flourless banana pancakes
• Sugar-fee strawberry Jell-O under reduced wine sauce
• Chocolate cottage cheese
• Fruit mousse infusion via iSi siphon
• Sencha Tea

I had about 2 hours to make it which was plenty of time to catch up on FB updates and some morning porn.

Since jello needs time to harden making it first made sense. It also takes 15 minutes at most. Crush good strawberries in Vitamix, strain to remove the seeds and I got 2 cups of juice. Put it on stove in a pan, heat up, add 3 tbs of gelatin, 3 tbs of honey, mix it all in and then pour it all back in Vitamix to get proper consistency. Strain again to remove air bubbles. Place silicone form on a metal tray, fill it up with the mix and store in the fridge. Let it be while other things are in progress.

For the mousse – the key is to make homogenous mass out of apples, prunes and strawberries. Vitamix is perfect for that objective. Once done – heat it up and add 2 tbs honey followed by 2 tbs of gelatin. (The mass was 600 grams. A foam with thick consistency requires 2.25% of gelatin – hence 13.5 grams of it for this scenario. Reference) Process it all in Vitamix again to blend all things in, strain well and pour into iSi container. Pop 2 N20 cartridges into it and shake vigorously. Place in warm water to wait till the rest is done. That is another 15 minutes.

Banana pancakes are easy. Process all eggs, bananas, a bit of cinnamon and salt in Vitamix until a smooth, homogenous mass is achieved. Most popular ratio is 1 banana per 2 eggs but not all bananas are created equal and some eggs are bigger than others as well. Experimenting is allowed as a result. When done, I cooked them in silicone forms on two skillets. When the surface becomes more or less sturdy but not overcooked (about 3 minutes?) I carefully remove the rings, flip the pancake and sear its other side a bit. To keep them warm, I store the ready ones on a tray inside the stove on “WARM” setting. It takes about about 30 minutes to cook them all.

While cooking pancakes I melted and mixed in about half of chocolate bar into cottage cheese and blended it well using immersion blender. If your kids do not eat cottage cheese – this may work, btw. I also boiled a kettle to 185F and prepared Sencha tea in a coffee press.

The rest is a matter of my poor imagination. I arranged jello on a separate plate covered with grated chocolate and sprinkled the wine sauce over them. To make things a bit more pretty I used a larger tray to serve pancakes to the adults and made two smaller ones for the kids.

Everything came out very tasty and was quickly destroyed by my hungry crew.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your life and daily sex!

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