You Going Bananas Can Be Good For Her Ass

No Lube Required

If she likes pancakes in the morning but her ass starts getting those nasty cellulite indents and a diet comes to mind – this recipe may be a step in the right direction. I don’t think carb limiting diets would embrace this approach but if you are on any of these diets this a wrong website to look for recipes anyway.

A 7 inch banana contains lots of carbs and sugars. As a result – you are not helping your body to burn fat in the most optimal way. Think of it as an opportunity to get off flour dependency and to try something new. Bananas are fun to play with, no pun intended.

  • NSFW. Can Your Banana Work?

    Btw, if you are a guy who believes that your personal banana is a great source of nutrients – chill. Technically in terms of ingredients your semen’s content is fully compatible with Atkins or Keto diets because it has practically zero carbs. But I’ve read somewhere that to match the nutrition value of one egg white a man needs to produce ½ cup of semen.

    It is a lot of liquid to squeeze out of any man who is not on PornHub’s payroll.

    That said, if she is a game to swallow in the mornings – you might try to satisfy your sexual fantasy and her hunger by beating 3-4 egg whites till they form picks nicely arrange them on your banana, sprinkle with cinnamon and try feeding it to her that way.
    Although, if you ask me, it is more efficient to just feed her normal food, followed by sex and just coming on her face. Due to high zinc content – semen is best used on skin as an anti-aging agent rather than swallowed as food.


As for the recipe at hand, – try it out instead of usual pancakes. If you are not a diet freak – throw in some chocolate chunks in the batter or blueberries if you want to make it more interesting.

The key here is to ensure that your babe is fed in the morning. Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of any man’s life?

Stay healthy, eat well and fuck daily!

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