Heat and Ice. Water and Chocolate. Make A Sweet Mess

Make Her Come Asking For More

I encountered this recipe last year while watching a film about chocolate chefs. The simplicity of it mesmerized me. Hacks like this make me instantly excited. Heston Blumenthal is a genius who married the worst two enemies – water and chocolate using fire and ice.

Every time we need a very quick sweet dish – this is now the recipe of choice. It is fast, simple to make and super tasty although a lot depends on the chocolate utilized. Definitely use 70% or more cocoa content chocolate. Lower cacao content will not work by itself but with xanthan gum it would which I had to do on few occasions because I was out of good chocolate.

I also like to add few perks to it – a fresh berry or iSi infused sourish fruit espuma to offset the sweetness and make it look more sexy. I think ice cream would go well with it too – something to try some time.

Enjoy. Eating chocolate is good for a healthy person. So is daily sex.

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