Stuff Her With Healthy Proteins.

Because You Want Her To Eat Right, Right?

Unless you happen to have a strict vegan lover on your hands, Shakshuka is one of the best ways to start her day.

Shakshuka is rich in proteins, low on carbs and it fills the house with mouthwatering aromas contributed by cumin, roasted vegetables and other spices.

Without any doubt – it is an awesome, powerful morning starter that will get her going like a Russian tank.

At the same time, in all fairness, this is a very basic dish. But so is sex. It doesn’t have to be kinky all the time to feel great.

Basic things can make life awesome. Just lift your ass to try them.

In an attempt to make Shakshuka’ s case even stronger – this dish is also good for guys because tomatoes are great for their aging prostate and spices are great for libido, so are eggs some say but that’s a bit of a false hope.

So, eat well. There is always a younger mate who can do it better unless you stay in shape.

Just keep this in mind when you don’t want to go to the gym or reaching out for another Coke. Unless you like to watch….

That aside – just make her Shakshuka and enjoy a happy day.

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