A Cognitive Dissonance Of Healty And Sweet. Resoved. Somewhat.

Relax Her Mind And Hopefully Pectinius Along With It.

This recipe was found when I was a part of Facebook group dedicated to healthy eating. I was searching for new breakfast ideas and one of the foodies I know invited me there. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation with the members of that group as they were absolute ingredients Nazis. Notably hungry, angry, severely sexually deprived ladies dominated that place.

I love happy women and left that company relatively fast but to their credit there were a few very interesting recipes posted there and this one in particular caught my eye. It looked sexy, did not have added sugar and was rich on coconut. My family loves anything that has coconut in it. So thank you frustrated ladies. I hope you will get happier one day. I have a few friends who can extend a friendly cock to you if needed.

I am not going to make any claims about health benefits of this cake. I don’t know how to count calories and I do suspect that it may be somewhat rich in them due to nuts and dates.  May be not. I give no shit. There are three things I like about this cake:

1.       It doesn’t have added sugar.

2.       It can be made in advance.

3.       It tastes great.

I still am learning how not to cook for 12 people when all I need is 4 portions. I am not big on finishing the leftovers but being Russian I hate throwing food away which I do often. In this case I simply place the overage in silicone forms and freeze until needed. Freezing in advance makes breakfast preparation much easier and allows me to concentrate on cooking other stuff.

Another small tip for those guys who happen to have a damsel in distress on their hands. That is if your lady is going through another diet craze – put the mixture once done in smaller silicone forms with a berry inside. She will be a happy(er) camper because it feels better to eat smaller portions.

Also a friendly reminder – just because she is on a diet don’t try to sell the idea that swallowing your cum will be beneficial for her due to lower caloric value of semen. While true, babes on diet normally don’t respond well to sexual perversions and if you haven’t taught her how to swallow by now it will be perceived as such. Trying it while she is on a diet is not a good place to start if you have plans to get laid.

Now enough with the words of wisdom. If you are still reading this – you are wasting your time. Get to make the cake, feed her well and get laid properly. It is a much better time spent than reading this site.

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