Rib Eye Steak. Sous Vide. Recipe.

I put some thoughts together on what makes sous vide cooking exceptional specifically when it comes to steaks.

This steak goes well with oven fried sweet potatoes, asparagus under Sous Vide Hollandaise foam out of  iSi siphon. To make the dinner complete –  begin with Pressure Cooked Carrot or Squash or Leek/Onion soup

Enjoy. Eat Well. Be Grateful and fuck daily.


Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 3+ hours
Yields: 2 portions

Tools and Devices


  • Grass-fed ribeye 2 ½ inch thick with bone attached if possible
  • Coarse, good quality salt.
  • Freshly grated black peppercorns
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Fresh garlic cloves
  • Shallots
  • Good butter



  • Salt and pepper steaks on both side
  • Cut few cloves of garlic and spread evenly over one side. About ½ clove.
  • Add few rings of shallots and finish up with a small stick of fresh rosemary.
  • Prepare the bags. Make a double seal each edge like I showed in my short ribs recipe.
  • Place steak into the bag and repeat adding garlic, shallots and rosemary on the other side.
  • Vacuum seal immediately and leave in the fridge overnight or for 2-6 hours.
    • Vacuum forces flavors from fresh garlic, shallots, rosemary, salt and pepper to penetrate the meat very efficiently. This is an optional step. It can be omitted but I prefer it. 
Once I am 2-3 hours from the serving time the following happens:
  • Set the Sous Vide machine to 129 F. This temperature will reliably get the steak cooked medium rare preserving the red hue of the inside but cooking it thoroughly.
  • Once the water reaches the desired temperature - the vacuum sealed steak goes in. Cover the container with plastic film and forget about it for 3-4 hours.
  • Keep it in for 120 minutes if the steak is 2” thick, adding additional 30 minutes for each additional ½ inch.
 Once the steak is ready the next step is crucial to success of the outcome.  
  • The meat comes out of sous vide looking like a Russian chick that you picked up at a night club after her morning shower – pale, unattractive and in a desperate need of makeup to make her look great again.
  • The objective is not to cook the steak further. It is perfectly cooked already.  The trick is to sear without developing a noticeable layer of well done meat that is always present when the steak is cooked using traditional methods.  Think of it as cream brulee - thin crust followed by heavenly smooth insides. Same concept. We don't want a thick crust but we want it crusty.
  • I often use a blow torch for this purpose. There is a good one in my tools cabinet. Now it became a kitchen toy that for some reason makes a lot of girls wet probably awaking their primal love for a man with fire and meat in his possession. Or may be it is just gender equality kicking in - what fine female nowadays wouldn't want to play with what used to be male only tools?
  • A super-hot cast iron skillet can be used to sear the meat much faster but it can equally fuck it up faster than a blink if you are not careful.
Tip: Ensure to pat steak dry all around right before searing it. 

If you choose to blow torch - use even movements to spread the heat. Don't move the tip of the blowtorch too close to the steak - the flame is hotter and more effective at its end point. I cook garlic, shallots and butter while the steak cooks in Sous Vide, make the mix hot while I sear the steak and pour it on the steak once it is fully seared.

Skillet method is a bit more involved and can result in overcooking. Put garlic, shallots and butter into super hot cast iron skillet, once butter melts add the steak. Baste the top of the steak with hot butter while the bottom gets seared. It takes about 30 - 45 seconds for every side. I turn often. About every 15 seconds.

Slice and serve warm.

May Joy Be With You!  

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