Sous Vide Short Ribs. Recipe.

This recipe takes time but otherwise is very easy to make. Read my thoughts about it here or just skip the crap and get to cooking.


Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 72 hours
Yields: 4 portions

Tools and Devices

  • Sous Vide equipment
  • Vacuum Sealer


8 Beef or Pork short ribs with lots of meat on them. In case of pork - try Berkshire kind. People report amazing results. I haven't tried it yet.


  • Package ribs into sous vide vacuum bags. I use rolls sold by FoodSaver. Put 4 in each bag.

  • Packaging Tip #1
    vacuum-double-seal To prevent the seal from opening up while cooking (it happened to me once) double seal from both edges creating an additional level of protection.

  • Packaging Tip #2

    It may also help to fold one edge of the bag prior to putting the ribs into it and ensure that that edge stays dry and free of any particles. This way when the meat is in, you can unfold and vacuum seal over dry surface.

  • Set your Sous Vide device to 144 F/62 C.
  • Fully submerge the ribs into water when the temperature reached the required level.
  • Cover the container to minimize water evaporation and provide for better temperature control.
  • Leave for 72 hours periodically checking on the status of water level and adding as necessary. If you did a good job covering - it is unlikely that any additional water would be necessary.
  • Once the countdown began - you are free to do whatever else you are into until the very moment when the ribs have to be served.
  • About 5 - 7 minutes prior to serving the meal add your favorite sauce mixed with water (60% sauce/40% water) to a heated skillet.
  • Place cooked ribs onto the skillet and quickly bathe them in the solution. Be gentle, they are easy to fall apart.
  • The objective is not to cook the ribs further - they are already done - but to bathe them in  the sauce of your liking for a little bit.
  • I personally like them without any sauce at all. The meat has its own flavor, character and so juicy by itself that it works for me as is.
  • May be sear them a bit with a blow torch. We Russians like to do brutal things to food.  Be careful not to overdo.
  • Place on a serving plate, pour sauce over the ribs and serve warm.

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