Sous Vide Short Ribs. Cook them faster than it takes your Russian girlfriend to orgasm.

Cooked for 72 hours - gone in 10 minutes.

Spare ribs aren’t the easiest meat to cook. To make them tender and still medium rare is always a challenge.

Unlike other methods sous vide does it without much of an effort and delivers outstanding results.

There is a tradeoff, however. It – it requires some patience.

72 hours may seem as a lot of time to cook a dish.

As a reward for my patience I get extremely tender, juicy and super flavorful meat. It melts in the mouth and tastes heavenly.

Some ladies I fed my meat to said it was an orgasmic experience. Why would they lie?

Ladies do not lie about orgasms I was told. Specifically your Russian girlfriend.

There is also another uptick – the effort involved with actual cooking process is limited to setting up the circulator and packing the ribs.

No need to do anything else and I can use free time.

When time is not an obstacle – this is a sure way to impress a guest.  Even a cold, materialistic Russian girl will warm up to you after tasting this meat. It is still better to have lots of money if you want her to continue spreading “love”.

These ribs go well with mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Grilled asparagus specifically with Hollandaise sauce is one of my favorite choices. See one of the dinners I cooked featuring this recipe here

If you want to go all the way – cook either Caramelized Carrot or Squash soup prior to serving the ribs.

She will be pinching herself in disbelief.

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