Sous Vide Eggs. She’ll Lick The Last Drop And Want More.

Best Eggs Ever:

Feed Your Woman Like A Queen.

If you like sex in the morning and your woman likes to sleep instead there are couple of solutions – a foot massage and full body massage definitely come to mind. I never met a woman who declined a foot massage.

However, nothing beats waking her up with hot breakfast in bed. There are things you need to consider that I cover below when doing it but by and large this approach works.

And nothing stops you from giving her a foot massage either after she is done eating either. Anyone can buy her a watch or a ring. Spoil her with attention, make her feel good. Just saying….

Now if you want to up the ante of getting laid and get her over the moon while at it – cook sous vide eggs.

You didn’t taste properly cooked eggs if you haven’t cooked them sous vide. Period. These eggs have orgasmic taste on their own but nothing stops you from making Egg Benedict based on this methodology or some other dish that you normally prepare with traditionally cooked eggs. It is a bit more work but sacrifices we make for the women we love…

If you don’t have a sous vide immersion circulator in your kitchen arsenal – get it today.

Eggs are bitchy and easy to overcook. Sous vide will ensure you get them done exactly to your liking and as a bonus adds incredibly sexy consistency and intense taste. Even if you are a moron who never cooked anything – you will get them right using sous vide stick. Just follow simple instructions and get some lube.

And since most of us are lazy – this device will appeal to you even more. It is a 3 easy steps operation:

  1. place eggs in a pot filled with water
  2. turn sous vide stick on
  3. set the temperature
  4. leave to do other things for 45 minutes.

Even a 5 year old can manage to do that successfully.

Besides, if your woman is not spoiled with attention – do yourself a favor, clean up after cooking and make sure she knows about it. Even if your cooking sucks – knowing that she doesn’t need to clean the kitchen will relax her mind and thighs. And if you cooked sous vide – the cleanup effort is minimal as well.

Hence a perfect combination of low effort, incredible taste, easy cleanup and high probability of very hot sex in return.

Yes, it takes 45 minutes to prepare. But anyone who ever attempted to cook a normal breakfast spends this much time anyway and in this case you can spend this time prepping up her coffee, juice or tea, making Hollandaise sauce, toasting bread, making bacon, etc.

Get your ass out of bed early at least one day a week and spoil your woman. It helps.

Be well and fuck daily.


Now, enough with sous vide propaganda. Here is how I do my poached eggs using Anova Sous Vide Cooker.

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