Khachapuri. Food for the intelligent alcoholics.

Eat Something good with your drink for a change.

This tasty dish is known as Khachapuri in Kavkaz region.

I like to serve Khachapuri with either sweet plum based sauces like Georgian Tkemali or spicier ones – hot salsa or adjika would go well with it.

They are excellent with Merlot or Pinot Noir but go equally well with vodka.

Serve warm or cold. Khachapuri are tasty in both states in their own way.

If for whatever reason there are leftovers – go classy, cut them in bite size squares, stick a toothpick in them with an optional small tomato or a piece of pickle and serve as an appetizer. Here is your excuse to drink some wine or vodka, btw.

Yes, this dish is rich on dough and butter. If your ass grows uncontrollably fast – it can be a dangerous trigger.

However, if you want to eat well – exercise hard, have sex on a daily basis and burn the damn calories like there is no tomorrow.

Your ass will become rockhard and you’ll be free to eat anything you want.

Remember – boring food is consumed by boring people and leads to depression, suicidal thoughts and lack of sexual drive.

Spread Joy, Peace and Love instead!

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