Glazed Cheese Dessert. From Russia with Love.

Yammy, Quick and Easy Dessert.
(Authentic Soviet formula from 1970s less nuclear components)

Like everything Russian made, it  is critical to follow proportions and instruction of this recipe very carefully.

These guys don’t fuck around designing lethal weapons – don’t assume their recipes can be manipulated in the same way your Russian girlfriend does you.

Also, get a good blender. You will need it  to make a completely homogeneous mass.

Don’t get discouraged by cottage cheese being the main ingredient. It works but it has to be rich in fat – like your mom in law.

Just ensure to use quality chocolate (70%+ cocoa).


Optional items

I often put fresh whole raspberry inside.

I also experimented with adding various jams to color it purple or pink and it too worked well. Just ensure to use seedless ones.

But if you want the authentic taste, the one that poor Soviet kids experienced when they were lucky to get a piece, don’t put anything in except for the ingredients listed.

Enjoy with brandy or wine.


If you have kids in the house – watch carefully because the bastards will steal everything you’ve made once they try the first one.

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