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Sous Vide Hanger Steak. Recipe.

I jotted down some thoughts on why certain types of steaks are great when cooked sous vide. Here is the link to this incredibly educating brain dump. It makes a huge difference to the taste, juiciness, flavor, tenderness and visual presentation of a steak. And it is easier to cook sous vide than to pronounce its fancy name.

Rib Eye Steak. Sous Vide. Recipe.

I put some thoughts together on what makes sous vide cooking exceptional specifically when it comes to steaks. This steak goes well with oven fried sweet potatoes, asparagus under Sous Vide Hollandaise foam out of  iSi siphon. To make the dinner complete -  begin with Pressure Cooked Carrot or Squash or Leek/Onion soup.  Enjoy. Eat Well. Be Grateful and fuck daily.

Sous Vide Poached Eggs Recipe.

Sous Vide is a very exciting way of cooking that will transform your view on how eggs should taste. If used properly it will also improve your sex life. Some ramblings on how to use this method can be found here. Otherwise just skip and start cooking. Note that I included two options in this recipe. One is just plain sous vide eggs on a toast. Trust me - taste wise there is nothing plain about these eggs but it is an easier option. To make it more challenging I added Egg Benedict ...

Hollandaise Sauce. Sous Vide Version Recipe.

This recipe is largely adapted from Modernist Cuisine guys. In my view it is a bit of an overkill to make it this way but for those with super well developed palate it should work best. For the rest of the proletarians who likes to eat great food but spend more time fucking than cooking - you may want to check a 5 minute version of this sauce.