A Treat All Fine Ladies and Expensive Hookers Can’t Equally Resist.

There is enough already written about foie gras on various cooking websites. I should not add anything but I like to type.

I discovered foie gras by a word of mouth from two sources – a foodie who made a statement that she’d trade an orgasm in favor of eating this dish.  She wasn’t getting much cock at the time and was very much in need of a solid fuck. It was a big statement given her circumstances. Also, a guy I know who frequents hookers during his global travels mentioned this to be the most requested treat on their list (for some reason with champagne).

I got intrigued, did my research and got to try it first hand.

There is something in foie gras that fucks with female taste buds and does a great job at it.  Specifically those after 35 can’t seem to resist it.

I only just recently met a fine lady who disliked it. All the others I know are kinda tilting towards my foodie friend’s view. May be not as radical but definitely strongly craving it.

Interestingly enough  it is probably the lowest effort type of food I have ever cooked that produced so much of a wow factor. The overall process takes less than 5 minutes – unpack, cut, salt and pepper it, sear from both ends on a hot skillet and serve on a piece of fresh brioche or with figs or sweet berries. In a nutshell that’s all it takes.

If your woman is sophisticated and you want to go fancier – a great sauce to accompany foie gras will take her to a totally different level of experience.

I prefer citrus based sauces with rum, syrup and some spicy notes added. The last one I made took few hours of sous vide cooking triple blanched tangerines immersed in brown sugar syrup (50/50 water to sugar), followed by Vitamix-ing them until the consistency became completely homogenous and playing with proportions of rum, maple syrup and other additives to get to the taste I wanted.

Also, as I evolve cooking it, I no longer prefer to cut foie gras into its naturally shaped pieces.  It looks much sexier when the fat is forced into a round metal form and then seared holding that shape.

Foie gras is like a putty. When warmed up to room temperature – you can mold it into anything. That is why I feel that when shaped into a perfect putty it looks more aesthetic.

It is also easily perishable. Don’t keep it outside of the fridge for too long and freeze pieces that you are not planning to eat in the next day or two.

The experts say it goes well with sweet wines. I leave this up to you to make your own research on the best pairing. Someone I know as a serious wine enthusiast suggested Sauternes, especially from this winery https://www.positiveluxury.com/brand/chateau-dyquem/

I was serving it with much more proletarian types of wines, rum and whiskey and it was wonderful.

Where to buy this orgasmic wonder food you ask?

I am aware of 3 places where you can reliably purchase high quality foie gras.

That’s all there is to it at the moment.

Happy cooking. Fuck daily and don’t forget to exercise!

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