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Pressure Cooked Octopus. Recipe.

As I mentioned in my prelude to this recipe, pressure cookers make complex recipes simpler and deliver outstanding results. Just try not to blow it up. Follow the manufacturers instructions to the dot and things should be fine. 

Morning Coffee. Learning The Mystery Of The Froth.

I like to make this coffee on weekends when no one is yet awake. Sleeping is boring but apparently everyone in my house believes otherwise. This gives me time to spend on this luxury without being bothered and enjoy watching another gorgeous sunrise or when the sun rises later than me - just to appreciate the tranquility of the moment. The art of cooking coffee in jezve - Turkish coffee pot (a.k.a Ibrik, Cezve) - is quite elaborate and involved. You are committing to engage in a very ...

Chebureki. Recipe

As you probably figured out already - The Adult Kitchen bullshits in designated areas only. Hence, this is just а recipe without much of commentary or other crap. I get frustrated when recipes get spices up with unrelated literary excursions. When I cook a new recipe - it has to contain the actual process of cooking a particular dish.  Everything else doesn't matter to me. That is not to say that I don't like reading chef's personal views. I do but mostly once. After that all I ...