Caramelized Leek and Onion Soup. Cooks faster than Viagra gets your cock up.

Load her with taste and flavor under 25 minutes

My attitude towards soups has always been somewhat skeptical. I eat them and some I like more than the others but I don’t have a soup that I absolutely love. This recipe isn’t one either but like a pretty slut it sticks to mind and once in a while I want to have it again.

A good friend once suggested a book from Modernist Cuisine guys. I bought their app instead which proved to be a very good move because it is portable and is loaded with useful features.

Their carrot soup recipe was an instant success. I then started experimenting with other combinations – squash, leek, onions. All were extremely tasty and flavorful. You eat a small bowl and it completely fills you up – that is how loaded this soup is.

It is also extremely easy to make – anyone able to hold knife and to close pressure cooker can do it. Cut the ingredients, dump them into pressure cooker, blend them once ready and serve.

You may also find interesting the fact that this soup gets cooked in its own juice practically without any added water.

Time to market is important as well. To get such a powerful load of taste and flavor in just 25 minutes is pretty cool.

A small digression to explain how the process works and why can be found here.

Enjoy and fuck daily.

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