Plum Pie with Rum. Seduce Her Taste Buds To Want More…

Add A Hot Foot Massage To This Recipe And She'll Propose

Serve this pie as part of Breakfast in Bed finisher and set her mood to want more of your cocking skills.

It will melt in her mouth as a mousse when hot relaxing her mind and body.

If you serve the pie  cold – pair it with hot matcha or sencha green tea, or may be coffee.

Don’t rush to waive your cock in her face once you she starts kissing you to show how much appreciation you produced.

The experts say that blowjobs shouldn’t be given on a full stomach. Let the food settle a bit while you are massaging her feet.

No woman ever denied a foot massage and you will like the payback once you give it.

Avoid deep throating just in case

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