Striped omelette.

This is a bit of a difficult and time consuming recipe that requires patience and steady hands.

I only make striped omelette when I want to express my love to my wife in a special way. I know that diamonds would do well too but sometimes a girl gets off when she gets breakfast in bed. And if I make one – why not go all the way.

The recipe is an adoption from the Modernist Cuisine guys. I changed few things – mainly tools I use to make it. They don’t use the cement trowel and a syringe. I find both useful when it comes to making this omelette. Other than that,  by and large, I followed their lead on the ingredients and procedure.

You can get the details right on their page.

Few tips to consider when making this omelette:

Make the mushroom stripes base more dense. I add more albumin powder than the recipe prescribes because if it is liquidy – the stripes will dillute or move when the eggs are added. I am contemplating to add some xantham gum to the mix next time I do it.

I prefer to pour eggs between the stripes, not on them, to avoid dilluting or affecting their appearance and as a result a kitchen syringe comes very handy. It also allows me to draw the solution from the bottom of a cup bypasing the foam on top.

Since I make my omelette on a round skillet – I found it critical to use one with completely flat surface. Some of them looked this way but weren’t and it cost me a few uneven omelettes.

Also – level up your stove to ensure that the omelette stays evenly spread. This is crucial for the presentation part of this recipe. You want this dish to look good.

The other things to consider if you are cooking in the oven:

Preheat the oven to 360 F and place a metal cover that fits your skillet in it to heat it up for at least 15 mins.

Cover your skillet with that cover once you place the omelette in the oven.

Cook for about 6-7 minutes. Ensure that the center of the omelette is firm when you take it out. Otherwise add another minute.

Keep the cover in the oven while you are working on your next omelette.

There is nothin wrong in cooking this omelette in a larger tray and a cilicone mat that fits it. I tried that and used another tray as the cover. It worked but the round shape has its visual appeal to me.

In any case  – I always have tons of fun making this omelette. Try it and share your experience.

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