Squash Muffins. She Will Love Your Muffin Tops.

There is only one life - make her eat great things.

As you probably figured out already – cooking breakfast is something I love doing for my woman but only if:

A. She takes it in bed

B. She is horny after she eats it.

All other types of breakfasts are boring to cook for me. I can make them but knowing that there is no sex at the end of it makes the whole experience feel more of a chore rather than fun.

As for the muffins, I got introduced to sweet kind first and aside from pussy juices sweets are not my favorite food.

This recipe proved to be different and allowed me to regain trust in them.

A definite hit since I introduced them into my Breakfast In Bed ensemble they now became one of the favorite breakfast items for my girls.

Serve them with sous vide poached eggs or an omelet. They are light, tasty and quick and easy to cook.

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