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Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Recipe.

This awesome appetizer is great hot or cold and will be gone before you know it. Read my disjointed thoughts on this dish here. Otherwise, just make and enjoy it.  

Khachapuri. Recipe.

Find more about Khachapuri on my blog here. Otherwise, skip the bullshit and start cooking.

Crumbled Apple Pie.

Source Note to self: Could be done without sugar and filled with cheese and other ingredients. Read comments in the source. Волшебный яблочный пирог. Мой любимый, насыпной-песочный, ога. Наследник младший потребовал - вынь ему, да положь! И возражать не моги... Рецепт советский, проверенный-перепроверенный. Бабуля пекла с раз...

Brussels Sprouts by Modernist Cuisine

Fried Brussels Sprouts by Modernist Cuisine.