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Coconut Cake. Recipe.

Making this cake requires almost no skills. It has 3 main parts – a bottom layer, body, topping. Read my brain farts on this cake here if you have nothing better to do. The base is a mixture of nuts thoroughly blended with dates that serve as a glue. The topping in my case is melted chocolate.  The ladies in the group where I saw this recipe were suggesting to put some fluffy toppings on top. I sense why that is in their case but this cake looks much more elegant when covered in ...

2 Ingredients Chocolate Mousse. Recipe.

Read about this recipe here. Otherwise - just try it out and thank Heston Blumenthal for being an evil genius who helped you get laid.

Crumbled Apple Pie.

Source Note to self: Could be done without sugar and filled with cheese and other ingredients. Read comments in the source. Волшебный яблочный пирог. Мой любимый, насыпной-песочный, ога. Наследник младший потребовал - вынь ему, да положь! И возражать не моги... Рецепт советский, проверенный-перепроверенный. Бабуля пекла с раз...

Glazed Cottage Cheese Candy. Recipe.

Find my blog entry on the topic here. Otherwise just get on it and spoil the love of your life with this tasty dessert.

Plum Pie with Rum. Recipe.

A very quick and easy recipe of  my favorite plum pie. Read more about it here if you don't value your time. Serve it hot  as part of "breakfast in bed" routine or cold as late dinner dessert. She will blame you for feeding her extra calories but will eat it all. Use it as an opportunity to burn all that sugar via vigorous copulations. Win win for everyone. Few important nuances: Select dark, large and juicy plums. Rum is a very important component. Pour at least a couple of ...