Oven Dried Tomatoes. The Taste of Patience.

Treat Yourself To Something Red And Tasty.

I love everything big, bold and tasty. Colors and aromas are not the exception and red is everywhere when it comes to this recipe. Not to mention  deep and delicious flavors that fill my house during drying process.

It is definitely a great dish to make in colder times and fill the house with warm, romantic aromas.

I use these tomatoes to enhance the taste of sandwiches, salads and lots of other dishes. They go great with sous vide poached eggs  and often I use them to compliment my Breakfast in Bed dishes.

The cooking process is mostly self explanatory and does not require much work. Coring and cleaning  may take some time depending on how many I am making, the rest is pretty much gets done by itself.

What more to say? These tomatoes are sexy, tasty and useful for so many purposes — you need a good reason not to make them.

Give them a try.

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