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Tequila Infused With Lime In iSi Siphon. Recipe

This is a truly revolutionary method that will change the way infused alcohol is produced at home and on the industrial level. Read more about it here

Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Recipe.

This awesome appetizer is great hot or cold and will be gone before you know it. Read my disjointed thoughts on this dish here. Otherwise, just make and enjoy it.  

Omelet. Quick Variation. Recipe.

A very simple recipe that is perfect for Breakfast In Bed. I am including a few variations for the fillers but use your own imagination. With the right attitude almost any vegetable can be used and if you don't have much around - meat mixed with some hot sauce, thinly cut sausages, egg whites - all can be leveraged. I normally do it in the following order: Prepare the omelet mix and set it aside to settle. Cook the fillers as some veggies may take time to cook and once they are done ...

Oven Dried Tomatoes. Recipe.

Read more about this recipe here. Otherwise, just do it.