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Dates Wrapped in Bacon. Recipe.

This awesome appetizer is great hot or cold and will be gone before you know it. Read my disjointed thoughts on this dish here. Otherwise, just make and enjoy it.  

Pickles salted in carbonated water. Recipe.

Read my blog farts on the topic. It is a pure waste of time I am told but I like writing few words on each recipe anyway. Otherwise just do it and enjoy watching her suck on your delicious product.

Squash Muffins. Recipe.

A great addition to any Breakfast In Bed collection. A tip: I control density of these muffins with milk. Below recipe makes them very soft and gentle on a bite. Decrease the amount of milk to get more firm muffins. My ramblings on the topic can be found here .They are likely worth none of your time, so don't waste time and start cooking.

Stuffed figs. Recipe

Got an angry or upset female on your hands or just lucky to score yourself a Russian babe who by far only smiles when she sees cash?? Try this recipe.

Glazed Cottage Cheese Candy. Recipe.

Find my blog entry on the topic here. Otherwise just get on it and spoil the love of your life with this tasty dessert.

Plum Pie with Rum. Recipe.

A very quick and easy recipe of  my favorite plum pie. Read more about it here if you don't value your time. Serve it hot  as part of "breakfast in bed" routine or cold as late dinner dessert. She will blame you for feeding her extra calories but will eat it all. Use it as an opportunity to burn all that sugar via vigorous copulations. Win win for everyone. Few important nuances: Select dark, large and juicy plums. Rum is a very important component. Pour at least a couple of ...

Spicy Cucumber Salad.

[print-me target=".logo, .post-title, .meta-space, .post_content"] Nice quick and easy spicy cucumber salad. Portion for 4-6. Goes well with vodka and hot meat dish.   Ingredients: [check_list] 6-8 small cucumbers 1 green chili pepper 1 red chili pepper 4-5 cloves of garlic Soy sauce - 4 tbs Sesame oil - 2 tbs Rice or Apple Cider vinegar - 2 tbs Salt - 1 tbs [/check_list]   Optional Ingredients: [check_list] Sugar - 1 tea spoon Anice - 1/2 tea spoon Vodka - 1 ...